Life Goals of Indian Youth

Indians are ambitious. We want to be so much, do so much. A developing nation striving to do better. We’ve all been on that path of life where we want to decide what we to do in our life. The Life goals of indian youth are across various fields.

If you’re a typical Indian kid, you know it gets seriously confusing to choose what to become in life, which stream or course to pick. 

Then we go through school and some changes happen. Now we have no clue what we’re going to do, so we do what everyone is doing, we go with the flow.

You know where the flow takes you if you’re capable and hard working. It takes you to the most awesome course in India, any guesses?

You guessed it right, Engineering!

Then we do engineering with that staple quote, that just finish the course then do whatever you want to do. Ahan, great? Nope, trapped.

Then what happens with who depends on so many things that even a series a book cannot decode it, let alone a blog post.

I’ve been researching what the youth, school going, college-going, and a job doing, wants to do with their life. I’ve gathered some data from various resources and google searches done by Indian youth in the past few years.

What is it that the youth wants to do, once it gets the freedom? Let’s find out the 16 most in-demand aims Indian youth has.

Note – The below-given professions/aims are not in any specific order.


Probably the most important thing for Indian youth for all the wrong reasons. Direct influence from the west on India has forced the youth to be attracted towards materialistic happiness that will come with money. So being rich is a driving force for the young of India. Personally, I think it’s not correct though, as real richness comes when you forget about the money and truly embrace your work/art.


Does flying beast have something to do with this? I don’t know, but Indian youth certainly fancies flying a plane around. Probably a mighty job, only a few get through in this aim. Did you know there are many flying schools in India? Check out this comprehensive list of the best flying schools in India.


Yes, many still want to be scientists. There are many medical and non-medical students who still wish to do meaningful research in their field of interest to contribute to human technology that is building rapidly every day.

IAS Officer

This will always be one of the life goals of Indian youth.The dream of many who leave everything and set up their camp in the capital to prepare for the most intense and demanding interview of their life. IAS aspirants are many and they are known to be hardworking and passionate. You can give the IAS exam after any graduation degree is completed. 

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Another sought after a profession that Indian youth wants to take up. A dream for many commerce students. The path to becoming a CA has toughened due to the competition that has to be faced along with the difficulty level and persistence level required to clear the exams. It is one of the most respectable professions in the country.


Lawyers have been respected and paid well for their job across the world. They gain power in their field with experience and many love to do what they do in the field! Lawyer remains to be a good designation as compared to engineering which has lost its charm.


The artist’s journey, the dream of people full of spirit and stuff to tell to the world. Becoming a writer has become far simpler with Amazon Kindle programs where you can self publish your books. There are many different types of writers that have come up due to the demand and variety of fields in writing. Many pursue a day job along with their writing till they get a break! Writing for many in a hobby that fills them up with contentment like no other job can.

Mentally Strong

Don’t be surprised, Indian youth wants this to be on their resume. With so many challenges that children have to face, they no that without being mentally strong they cannot achieve anything. To make the best of life here for Indians, being mentally strong is a compulsion now.


Yes, many still dream of becoming actors, thanks to the charm of the profession and the effect of Bollywood. The stardom that comes with acting is something people crave and want. Also, many others are passionate about the job and do anything to get good at it. Come down to the city of dreams if you want this to happen. Did you know about Girjesh? His passion for acting got him to Mumbai.

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Data Scientist

Many engineers aspire to take up this profession. It is definitely in demand and the future of technology lies with Data scientists. Not to mention, the increasing number of data that is being recorded for improving business profits, data is becoming a modern-day currency.


Many aspiring Indians want to do modeling. Even if many don’t end up doing it, many would love to picture themselves, walking the ramp for others and getting paid for how they look. It also may be the lifestyle of a model that they may like.


Many love this profession for the lifestyle and knowledge it offers. With the increasing number of people in our country and the world getting depressed. Many were upset with their mental health, there is an increase in the number of psychologists. A great profession for people who are passionate about it.


Blogging has been on the rise in India due to its pros. A major benefit with the job is that it offers a global platform to showcase information and skills, and it appeals to a lot of young adults because they want to share their interests with their world. With multiple resources online to help and a small fraction of set up cost required, many bloggers are doing great work in the industry.

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Comfortable Retirement

Many Indians have this goal and this is certainly unique. But if we think about it, Indians are very worried about their future due to an incapable job market, less job security, financial insecurities. Many have their life goals aligned with the plan of an early and comfortable retirement.


They’re everywhere, they’re like the new trending! The internet has helped them gain popularity with famous platforms like youtube. Influencers help brands and businesses to create profits by running campaigns at their end. It’s becoming a popular profession with a lot of people doing it nowadays.


Startups are ever-increasing in the technology driver world, and everyday ideas are finding reality. The passion of giving your idea a plan is exciting, challenging and life changing. Also, after hearing the success stories of common people making their dreams reality, people are wanting to try and give their best shot and quit the regular 9-5 job lifestyle.

Those were all the life goals of indian youth.

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