Kangri Dham – Grand Feast in Himachal Pradesh

How I got to attend Kangri Dham

I happen to attend this magnificent wedding in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. It is how I got a chance to get to know this beautiful town. The wedding was spectacular and I was also fortunate enough to attend Kangri Dham, a special grand feast of Himachal Pradesh. Let me walk you through all that happened on the day of the Dham.

Trekking at Bidai

Many Himachali weddings involve trekking. I’m not kidding, after the wedding at the time of Bidai, the cars can only go till the end of the road, beyond which you have to trek on the hills to get to the houses.

The bride is taken in a palki across this path to the new home. 

Attending Kangri Dham 

On the grand occasion, we reach the home and share greetings and presents. After a few hours, it is time for the grand feast. We get out in the open space to sit for the feast. By tradition, Kangri Dham is done by sitting on the floor, just like Langar in Sikh gurdwaras. So we sit down and we get leaves as our plates. If you’re lucky you’ll get two leaves!

kangri dham serving
Kangri Dham in Palampur

Everyone is ready to rejoice the meal. My Kangri Dham was delicious! I’ve never had such an interesting meal. Also, I was in the middle of the mountains to make things even more pleasant and enjoyable. The Kangri Dham does not have Roti’s, so for Roti lovers, my advice is to try to embrace the taste of rice. You will get served about 7-9 dishes, with all types of sabzi and dal and different types of Himachali traditional cuisines. The delicious mixtures of curries with rice in small quantities is a delight. There is also a sequence in which you get the curries, last ones are usually best for digestion.

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Having Dham without a spoon, All Thanks to these wonderful people

I have not been the Indian who can have rice with hand. Thankfully, I met these wonderful babies of Bengal who taught me this art, and I’m forever thankful to them for this.

Team Fullstack now doing Halfstack work

People sitting around me were having the Dham with their hand, and no doubt they were loving the taste of the food served. A lot of people say they do not feel the taste or their tummy doesn’t fill till they eat with their hand. It was amazing undertaking the experience without the spoons.

kangri dham curry and rice
Plates, curry and rice in action

Glimpses of Sobremesa in Kangri Dham of Himachal Pradesh

Just when I was about to finish my meal. I realized how the traditional of Himachali Dham encouraged getting up together. So, the uncle and their family beside me waited till we finished and then the entire row got up together. Sparks of Sobremesa guys and I loved it. It was an amazing feeling, it’s just these little things and their fun that has been taken away from the modern world. Luckily, I got to embrace and appreciate these beautiful moments. It was an amazing feast altogether.

kangri dham sobremesa touch

Hope you enjoyed reading about the authentic Kangri dham of himachal pradesh. Make sure you experience this grand feast if you ever get a chance. Write to me for any questions or queries on [email protected] Tell us what you think about the Kangri Dham in the comment section below.

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