Humility of Guru Ramdas Ji – When Guru Ramdas Ji met Shri Chand Ji

Shri Guru Ramdas Ji (ਗੁਰੂ ਰਾਮ ਦਾਸ) was the fourth guru of Sikhs. Just calling his name fills my heart with love and gratitude. His life and work have had a deep impact on shaping Sikh history. 

Humility is one of the 5 Sikh virtues (Qualities) that a Sikh should possess. 

The 5 virtues in Sikhism are –

  1. Sat (truth
  2. Daya (compassion)
  3. Santokh (contentment
  4. Nimrata (humility)
  5. Pyaar (love)

A Sikh needs to practice and implement these qualities as a part of their personality and daily life.  

I would like to share a story of Guru Ramdas Ji’s humility that bought tears in my eyes, simply because of the sheer humility of Shri Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj.

Guru Ramdas Ji and Baba Shri Chand Ji

Guru Ramdas ji was working with full devoution in Goindwal and in supervising the construction of holy sarovar at Amritsar, his message of sikhi spread far and wide.

There were some people who did not support Guru Amar Das Ji’s decesion of making Guru Ramdas Ji the next guru of sikhs, but after seeing the humility and compassion of the guru, even those people followed him with full devoution.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Founder of Sikhism had a son whose name was Baba Shri Chand. He was not appointed by the next Guru by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Hence he went on an Udasi in protest. 

Ever since then he stayed away from Sikh community out of anger and did not see any following Guru of the Sikhs. 

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By the time of Guru Ramdas Ji, Baba Shri Chand Ji had grown older. 

Baba Sri Chand had heard about humility of Guru Ramdas Ji. He decided to meet the Guru out of pure curiosity. At that time he was about ninety years old. Being a worshipper of God he was still very healthy. 

When Guru Ram Das heard about the arrival of Baba Sri Chand, he himself went to receive him. Guru Ramdas Ji welcomed him sincerely and invited him to his house, which Baba Sri Chand gladly accepted.

As Shri Chand Ji and Guru Ramdas Ji sat talking, Shri Chand notices the long beard of Guru Ramdas ji. He asked him why he had a long flowing beard all the way to his waist. 

He asked Guru Ramdas Ji in a mocking way. The Guru replied with all humility that he kept his beard long so he can clean and wipe the feet of holy men like Baba Sri Chand. 

Hearing this, Baba Shri Chand Ji realised the greatness of the Guru. When the Guru actually got down to wipe Baba’s feet with his beard he got up, and embraced the Guru. 

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He then told Guru Ramdas Ji how he has realised that your humility and devoution cannot be matched by anyone. He praised the guru and realised why Guru Ramdas Ji was the Guru of Sikhs and he wasn’t.

He further said that, Your praise can not be described in words. I have been very pleased to see the city of Amritsar which you have built with great hardship. The beauty and majesty of the Amrit Sarovar is unparalleled.”

That day, Baba Shri Chand ji lost any anger he had for his father, and became a better Sikh. Guru Ramdas ji bid him farewell with great respect. He offered him 500 rupees along with an Arabian horse at the time of his departure.

Guru Ram Das was careful to keep the identity of Sikhi intact. He did not allow udasis or yogis to join Sikh religion without changing their views.

You can read about Shri Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj and his full life story here.

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  1. So very true that the devotion and humility of Guru Ramdas Ji cannot be matched. I am not much in these articles, but I learned something valuable and informative today. This article is not targeted for a specific group or religion but for everyone.

  2. I do not belong to the Sikh group, but I always enjoy reading their stories. It is such an inspiration. This story moved my heart and I really appreciated it. It is beautifully written and the feelings are also expressed in an amazing way.

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