Coronavirus Impact on Tourism in India

Coronavirus Impact on Tourism in India

COVID Impact on Travel

Coronavirus has taken over the planet with the spread of the disease across all major developed and developing nations. Coronavirus Impact on Tourism and Travel industry has put routine life to stand still.

The Virus has badly impacted many industries. Let’s see the Industry that has had the worst impact of all: The tourism and Travel Industry.

The Tourism Industry in India was expected to reach US$ 492.21 billion.

Due to the coronavirus impact on Tourism, this number seems very far to reach. Global Tourism is also suffering from an 80% decrease in revenue for 2020 so far.

In this post, we will discuss the major impact on the Tourism and Travel industry due to Coronavirus Disease.

Spread of Coronavirus 

The disease started in Wuhan, China in late 2019 and has since grown to all parts of the world.

The first case detected outside China was in Thailand, which sees a lot of travelers every year from China.

Countries like Thailand that are heavily dependant on Expats and Tourists for revenue are suffering. Even after the disease is cured, It would be hard to bring things to normal. Coronavirus Impact on Tourism of Thailand is severe.

Since then the virus has had a major impact, cases, and deaths in some of the most beautiful and powerful countries of the world like the USA, Italy, Iran, UK. 

The First cases in India started in March. India has tackled the problem by having a countrywide lockdown. This has helped the cases to stay at a minimum but due to a few problems and mistakes made by officials and citizens, the cases have been growing. 

The Virus is still active and can impact lives till even late 2021, experts say.

Maximum damage on Tourism in India

Tourism in India has been affected severely. Many Indians go for trips across the country and to other nations for holidays. 

This trend will fall in 2020 due to the lockdown and ban on international travel to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The effect of COVID on India’s tourism is evident with many travel magazines, travel agencies and publishing houses fearing how this may be an end for many small and medium-sized businesses in the tourism industry.

Many careers in Tourism are being affected as people are not travelling. 

Worst Affected States of India 



Tamil Nadu


Madhya Pradesh

Check out COVID 19 tracker for number of cases.

Coronavirus Impact on Airlines

The Airlines are among the worst affected companies due to the coronavirus. Many Airlines have to close down due to this time. Most Airlines are already under debt. If the pandemic doesn’t stop soon, the losses would become unbearable.

Many Airlines have decreased the salaries of their employees during these tough times to cope the damage. Loss in revenue so far for Indian airlines is estimated to be more than 100 Billion USD. 

Coronavirus Impact on Travel Agents

The booming business of travel packages is under danger. Travel agents are having a hard time surviving. No more traveling means, no more airline tickets, no more bookings, no revenue. 

Travel Agents are praying for a quick end to the lockdown and for domestic flights to open so as to get some breathing space during these tough times.

Coronavirus Impact on Travel Bloggers

Travel Bloggers are having a hard time curating content due to the lockdown. This means no more authentic experiences blogs or vlogs to showcase to the audience. Even revenue from ads as taken a hit which is the primary source of creators. 

Coronavirus Impact on Hotels

No hotel bookings is having a huge impact on the tourism sector. There has been an overall loss for hotels across the world, but some areas are hit harder than others.

Countries like Thailand have places where people earn and eat because of the tourists. Due to the virus, people will have a hard time surviving.

States in India like Himachal Pradesh and Goa are dependant on travellers for their livelihood. Summer vacations bring thousands of tourists to Himachal from India and the world. This summer the tourist would be almost zero. Therefore, severe losses for local Himachali.

Coronavirus Impact on Travel Companies 

There are many travel companies and travel startups that are not doing good anymore. Due to no customers, many startups are resizing to save their companies. Companies like makemytrip and goibibo, due to no bookings are facing severe losses. This may mean loss of jobs for employees in the travel sector.

Coronavirus Impact on Travel Startups

Many travel startups that were funded in 2019 are doing badly. There is no way to avoid the situation and therefore the only way to handle this is downsize or adjust company finances.

Coronavirus Impact on Top Travel Locations

Many Locations across India that are tourist hotspots will be out of business this year. Some of these are –

  • Himachal Pradesh 
  • Uttrakhand
  • Goa
  • Rajasthan
  • Ladakh
  • Kerela
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Coronavirus Impact on International Travel

Due to international flights, international travel won’t resume till the virus situations ends. This also means people are stuck at their locations. This is also affecting Immigration business as students cannot go for their study location.

Many students goto countries like USA, UK and Canada from countries like India and China for studying. This has been affected and is causing losses for Immigration Consultants, Colleges and Universities.

Coronavirus Impact on Domestic Travel

Domestic travel may open soon in many countries. Social dsitancing will be followed and all safety measure will be taken.

Important Questions Answered on Coronavirus Impact on Tourism –

Q.1. What Precautions should I take while traveling during the coronavirus disease?

Ans. Make sure you have your mask, sanitiser. Don’t travel unless absolutely necessary and follow social distancing for safety.

Q.2. What is the recovery time for Coronavirus?

Ans. The recovery time depends upon patient. Many patient have recovered in less than 6 weeks.

Q.3. What will the coronavirus disease end?

Ans. Once we have the vaccine ready we can suggest a better timeline. Expert says, while we may start daily activities by 2021, it can take more than two years for the world to be back to normal.

Q.4. Are masks effective against Coronavirus?

Ans. To certain extent yes. Best practises is to avoid unnecessary trips or contact with outside world.

Q.5. Which Indian States are in maximum danger due to coronavirus?

Ans. Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat.

Q.6. Which countries are in maximum danger due to coronavirus?

Ans. USA, UK, China, Italy

Q.7. When will Domestic flights resume in India?

Ans. Domestic flights should resume by June 2020.

Q.8. When will International Flights resume?

Ans. International flights can resume by September 2020.

Q.9. Can I visit offbeat places during this time in India?

Ans. Nearby places maybe visited however it is not advised. All travel plans have to wait for next year.

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