3 Simple Steps to feel the Power Within

We are walking pastries of power. The power of our being refreshes us every single night, after which we head out and make the best of life. But we always desire more energy, more power from within. This power is dangerous yet if used effectively can do wonders for you and your life. The best part is that these 3 steps are very easy to do. To start, they’re pretty simple and straightforward. However, to master and reap full benefits you’ll need practice. I should also tell you that from my personal experience of using these steps, they’re very powerful and will make you feel the change even in a few moments. Let’s get started with the 3 simple steps to feel the Power within.

Feel the power within

Step 1 – Use lesser words to communicate

Don’t we go on and on with our words in sentences? That has to be slowed down. This does not mean that I want you to communicate less. No! Communicate as much is required, but when you do, try to use lesser words to convey whatever it is you are trying to get across to the listener.  

For Example – If I want to say, “Hello how was your weekend did you enjoy” should be – “How was your weekend?”. Plain, simple, yet the sound and vibe of it would be true hence powerful. It’s kind of life quality over quantity in terms of communication.

The lesser words you use, the more energy you preserve, and that becomes the power you accumulate. Therefore, you don’t run out, and you feel the power throughout the day.

Step 2 – Decrease unnecessary physical activity

This is so powerful and will help 99% of people out there. You are guilty of tapping your legs at work, or just biting your nails. Maybe going to and fro while reading that book or working on your laptop, all of this is just energy that you’re oozing out. All the unnecessary physical movement should not be done, since there’s absolutely no need for it. 

This step is super powerful and even now just put down your phone for a minute and don’t move any part of your body. Within a minute you’ll feel the energy gathering. Imagine doing this all day, how much energy you save and how powerful you will feel throughout your day.

Step 3 – Chant a mantra 

This one is the bonus magical step. If done rightly, it can give you bliss. So much so that you wouldn’t be able to handle such levels of happiness. Chanting a mantra is the best way to stay stable and maintain the energy and power within your being. It’s what makes you thrive inside and helps you concentrate and get better at feeling the energy within.

The mantra could be any phrase that you choose to chant within. This also increase your focus and makes your mind and body calmer. There are endless benefits of incorporating this single step into your life. Check out this simple method of doing this step easily.

That’s it guys, those are the 3 secret steps to feel the power within. We hope you enjoyed reading these master steps to make your lifestyle better! Tell us about the changes you felt after implementing these steps in the comments! You can also write to me at [email protected]

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